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Back to Reality

Learning to not live in the past is tricky; here’s my take on the our ever changing environment:

Kelsey Christiansen

If I hear one more individual tell me that they’re getting used to the ‘new normal’, I will just about lose my mind.

Despite being as pessimistic as that sounds, there is a true reason for optimism. The world is slowly healing, and slowly returning to old habits we all used to partake in: going to the movies, going on dates, checking out new restaurants and checking out new concerts, seeing loved ones (both old and new), and even going out for a quick run in the park. The pandemic has forced every single individual to reimagine how to go about daily life, and for the most part, society has responded and adapted in a positive manner. 

Yet as more Americans become vaccinated and return to the lives we all once had, the question still remains: Will we ever feel 100% normal again?

The answer remains unclear, and is something a simple blog post won’t be able to answer in a few hundred words; but there is reason for hope. 

Unemployment is slowly declining, flights are becoming increasingly full, and the fear of the unknown most American’s harbored in our hearts about the virus are slowly being answered thanks to the help of scientists; all the while individuals are getting vaccinated in increasing numbers. 

Though the norms of society still remain foggy as we begin to transition back into in-person, daily life, don’t forget to take stock of the value of everyday life, and appreciate every waking moment. I used to take simple trips to the comedy club for granted; now every journey out is a new adventure. Although it will be awhile to feel as free as we once were in public, around friends, and adventuring, let’s not forget the struggles we went through to get to this moment.

Although it’s a cliche, this pandemic has just felt like one, long, bad day; no one was able to leave the house, so many were sick, we couldn’t connect with those we loved most and all lost the ability to celebrate or enjoy the little moments in life. Therefore, I think it’s worthy to share my go-to “Bad Day Mix” playlist. As a child, my mom used to have a mixtape of all of her pick-me-up songs, and as CDs became a thing of the past, I tried to compile them on a playlist for all to share and enjoy (in addition to a few of my favorites). This playlist managed to bring me a little joy, hope it brightens your day as well.

For more music suggestions, check out Kelsey’s Spotify Account, and for more information about the pandemic, please reference the CDC website and your local State & Territory Health Department websites.