Pandemic Travel

Life sucks, traveling doesn’t. Here’s a few reasons why traveling will be our saving grace.

Coming from an airline family, traveling has always been an essential lifestyle.

However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit at the beginning of last year, my family and I were, like many other families, forced to reimagine our everyday lives. 

For me, having family in the travel industry was a double edge sword. While you have the incentive to travel, it often comes at the cost of not seeing family members close to the holidays, or on special occasions, like a prom or a significant birthday. 

Therefore, when the pandemic originally slowed down travel I was (selfishly) excited because my core family was able to spend quality time together. However, like many other things, this too came at the cost of the airlines.

Though travel is once again increasing domestically, I’ll never forget the day the news about the pandemic came out, and how many individuals refused to fly. I was headed to Des Moines to tour Drake University, and had nearly the entire plane to myself with the exception of a few businessmen in the back of the plane. It didn’t feel right, despite the initial feeling of luxury. I felt frustrated, and alone, which is a sentiment I carried throughout the entirety of the pandemic.

Today I’ve managed to fly a handful of times to and from Des Moines and O’hare so I could see my (fully vaccinated) family, and see signs of hope. I see a majority of passengers distancing in the terminal, and have never witnessed any backlash over masks on planes. I hope that sentiment continues.

As far as tips go, try to distance yourself, bring germ-x, and wear a mask. The airlines have never been cleaner, and are continually adapting to ongoing changes. If given the opportunity to safely travel, don’t hesitate, because the friendly skies will always have your back.

I made this playlist eons ago, and despite the name, it fits perfectly with any destination you might be traveling. As I have family in the airline industry, I often hear them using the phonetic alphabet to list off letters for coupons, gift cards codes, or their ID’s, and I thought it was completely fascinating. I loved thinking that their was a secret code hidden from those specific words, even though blatantly obvious. I always associated the phonetic alphabet with flying and traveling, and figured that was the perfect lead for my playlist. Flying always manages to make me stare in wonder at not only the engineering feat of man, but at the beauty of our world, so I figured “Whiskey Oscar Whiskey” would make other people say “WOW” when listening to my playlists. Hope it can blow your socks off too.

For more music suggestions, check out Kelsey’s Spotify Account, and for more information about the pandemic, please reference the CDC website and your local State & Territory Health Department websites.