The Beauty of Failure: A Pep Talk From My Younger Self

I was just rejected from my dream internship. Twice.

Which is odd, because that’s something that four years ago would’ve killed me. 

But I lived to tell my story.

The ironic thing is that, after all of this pain, rejection, and humiliation, I can’t help but feel somewhat victorious to a certain degree. 

Sure, not learning and working under some of the best and brightest is an ultimately disappointing prospect; who would want to tell their younger self that they came so close to making their dreams come true, but fell just short? Nevertheless, the ultimate fact remains that my dream employer was interested in me in the first place, and who says it’ll be the last?

The long hours of networking, asking questions, attempting to be well prepared made me more well rounded, and from what I can tell, the exhaustion means I must be doing something right. 

Though it’s not the path I dreamed of, my college experience has been riddled with countless obstacles that have forced me to reevaluate my own self-determination and self-worth. Surely, every student has faced adversity, but my double transfer process on top of a global pandemic and mental health revelations has given me a bigger chip on my shoulder than I could ever have anticipated. I’ve made it this far, I want more for myself. 

These rejections are, if anything, a fire in my belly that will continue to motivate me to push myself to the absolute limit. These rejections aren’t a door closing, but rather, a bigger opportunity for self growth than I could’ve ever imagined.

Cheers to the countless failures we all share, and to the better things that lie ahead in our future.

So often I would dream of landing my dream internship, and the feeling I would get from that euphoric rush of relief; however, recently, those dreams seem further and further from reach. 

When I get down on myself, and my own growing pains that come with becoming a working professional, I often turn on this playlist, titled: “And I’ll be your Host Tonight.” It was– and still is– my ultimate goal to work as a writer for a late night television show at some point in my career. I often dreamed about standing in the center of the SNL stage and saying those words, which is absolutely abrud, but at the same time, if someone has the courage to be there, why can’t it be me? Although this playlist is very niche, it holds a special place in my heart, and I often listen to it before my standup sets. I hope that at some point, I’ll be able to write those words in a script, or listen to these songs before going out onstage and producing something beautiful.

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